Protests in Belarus: the situation on December 20

Protests in Belarus: the situation on December 20

Protests in Belarus: the situation on December 20

The latest news about the protests in Belarus: “March of the People’s Tribunal”, the closure of the borders of Belarus, conditions for the release of Babariko – in the 24SMI material .

1. The opposition is planning to hold on Sunday the “March of the People’s Tribunal”, the telegram channel ” Country for Life ” reports . Those wishing to join are advised to keep the collection points secret so that law enforcement officers do not have time to close access to them in advance.

On the eve of the rally, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya on her YouTube channel addressed the Belarusians: “The march will show that the time of lawlessness has come to an end and the time for justice has come.” She expressed confidence that 2021 in the republic could be called the “year of the restoration of the law”.

2. The Belarusian authorities have completely closed the land border, reports ” Echo of Moscow “. The reason for this was the deterioration of the situation with COVID-19. Leaving the republic can be allowed only in exceptional cases. And to enter the country, foreigners need to submit a medical report on the absence of coronavirus. According to SCMP statistics , more than 171 thousand people fell ill with COVID-19 in Belarus, and 1.3 thousand patients died.

3. Political scientist Andrei Suzdaltsev said that the opposition of Belarus has passed to the second stage of protests, reports ” “. A specialist in the CIS countries is sure that after an open confrontation on the streets, the protesters go underground: “This is a partisan country.” As a result, an alternative state with its own commanders and intelligence is now underway. An extensive network collects data on “accomplices of the regime” and puts pressure on them. Suzdaltsev predicted a third wave of protests in March 2021.

4. Political scientist Yuri Voskresensky revealed the conditions under which Alexander Lukashenko offered freedom to Viktor Babariko , STV TV channel reports . Voskresensky was present on October 10 at a meeting of the president with prisoners in the KGB pre-trial detention center, and then was released under house arrest. According to him, Lukashenka offered Babariko to “return the stolen money.” This was the only condition for release, but Barbarico rejected it, saying that he had not stolen anything. Then Lukashenka promised to arrange an open trial, at which “everyone will see who and what appropriated”.

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5. Lukashenko thanked the KGB for “the successful development of the country, as well as harmony and stability in society,” reports “ Economy Today ”. He is confident that the state security officers are one of the pillars of the state. The President is pleased with the way they resist external military-political pressure, extremism and international terrorism.


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