Protests in Belarus: the situation on December 23

Protests in Belarus: the situation on December 23

Protests in Belarus: the situation on December 23

The latest news about the protests in Belarus : Tikhanovskaya’s negotiations with the Spanish authorities, the expectation of new sanctions from the United States, the trial of the 81-year-old participant in the pensioners’ march and other events – in the 24SMI material .

1. Svetlana Tikhanovskaya met with the head of the Spanish Foreign Ministry Arancha Gonzalez Laia, with whom she discussed the post-election situation in Belarus, DW reports . The representative of the Belarusian opposition called on Spain to increase pressure on the regime of Alexander Lukashenko . In particular, to impose sanctions on companies with which the president’s family is likely connected, and to ban the entry of officials and security officials involved in the suppression of peaceful protests. In addition, assistance to the repressed Belarusians was discussed: support of the people’s embassies, medical assistance and distance education in Spanish universities.

2. Member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation Nikita Danyuk believes that with the coming of Joe Biden to power in the United States, America’s pressure on Lukashenka and his assistants will increase significantly, Sputnik Belarus reports . “Under his presidency, assistance to the so-called democratic opposition to Belarus will certainly increase,” the expert believes, and does not rule out the introduction of sectoral sanctions.

3. EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell announced the EU’s unlimited support for Belarusians who demand new elections and the release of political prisoners. “The EU will support Belarusians as much as necessary,” BelaPAN quotes Borrel .

4. From August to December 20, 2020, 347 Belarusians arrived in Lithuania for special humanitarian reasons, 74 citizens of the neighboring country applied for asylum, writes Delfi . 606 people arrived in Poland on these grounds, 127 of them asked for asylum.

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5. In Minsk, 81-year-old Sofia Minko was fined 10 basic units for participation in the march of pensioners, transfers . The woman did not deny that she was walking around the city with a white-red-white flag, but stressed that she was heading to the bus stop and was not among the activists of the “March of Wisdom”. “This is the native flag. This is my personal protest against the arbitrariness, ”Minko said in court. But the judge recognized the woman as a participant in an unauthorized event and ordered her a fine of 270 Bel. rub. (almost 8 thousand rubles). According to the Ministry of Labor, the average pension in Belarus is about 470 rubles. (13.7 thousand rubles).


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