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About Forza Horizon 4

About Forza Horizon 4



About Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 is the sequel to the popular racing game in first and third person. The core of the game is the same as before: open world racing with more emphasis on multiplayer. The main feature of the “four” – a dynamic system of changing seasons. At the same time, it will be strictly synchronized with the server – without exception, all players will share the same experience. The season directly affects driving, and up to 72 racers can play on one server.


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Genre and gameplay

Forza Horizon 4 is an open world racing arcade game designed for PC and Xbox One with cross-platform play between platforms. Most of the gaming activities are concentrated in multiplayer and cooperative modes, and the single player game is more for show.

It is a direct successor to Forza Horizon 3 , but received improved graphics, a different region, an even greater number of cars and modes. As before, the races are held on a variety of cars: sports, super- and hyper-cars, buggies and SUVs and on various types of surfaces – asphalt, off-road, snow and ice.

Forza Horizon 4 has low system requirements , due to which the graphics after Forza Horizon 3 have become somewhat worse – the models are not so clear, the environment, like trees and roads, is more “soapy”, the drawing distance has become even shorter. But additional effects look better – dirt on the body, splashes of water and rain, immersion in snow, car marks on surfaces.

In terms of physics, there have been minor changes, the control has become even easier and more convenient, the cars are easier to enter turns and feel more stable at high speed. You don’t have to hit the brakes as often, and more objects can be swept away while driving without fear of crashing, which is useful when racing off-road.

Game world.

The game takes place in a world similar to the fictional Britain. The difference after Australia is more than noticeable – mountainous natural landscape; classic British architecture of buildings – Gothic cathedrals and various spiers, as well as several castles; characteristic style of roads and other local flavor.

Some of the objects, like buildings or castles, can be bought as a property and receive bonuses. The area of ​​the world has grown slightly, but its development has grown significantly – the number of static objects and the mileage of tracks have grown.

The main feature of Forza Horizon 4 is the seasons (spring, summer, winter and autumn), which change the game world according to time, weather and physics change along with them. Each season lasts one week of real time.

In spring and autumn, the player will face frequent rains, roads that do not dry out and dense fog, in winter he will have to master driving on snowy roads, which will make the car behave unpredictably. Summer is best suited for high-speed races on hypercars.


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