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Best Elden Ring Mods – Armor, Weapons, Difficulty, Graphics, Maps, Pause, and More

Best Elden Ring Mods - Armor, Weapons, Difficulty, Graphics, Maps, Pause, and More



Best Elden Ring Mods – Armor, Weapons, Difficulty, Graphics, Maps, Pause, and More

Elden Ring is another major project from FromSoftware, the authors of the Dark Souls series. If you’re playing on PC, you can change the game with custom mods. We have collected the best of them in this article.


Before installing mods, we strongly recommend that you go offline. It is undesirable to use modifications while playing online, as this can lead to blocking. Also don’t forget to update Elden Ring to the latest version.

How to install mods on Elden Ring
Download and install ModEngine 2 mod manager .
Find the modification you need and download it.
Unpack the mod folder into the mods directory, which is located in the root directory of the mod manager.
To launch the game, open the launchmod_eldenring.bat file from the ModEngine 2 folder.
To disable a mod, delete its folder from the mods directory. If the mod is installed differently, we will describe detailed instructions separately.


Anti-cheat toggler and offline launcher – switch between playing with and without mods

Best Elden Ring Mods – Armor, Weapons, Difficulty, Graphics, Maps, Pause, and More
This modification is useful for those who play online and at the same time want to experiment with mods. You can easily switch between modified and standard versions of Elden Ring.

Elden ReShade HDR FX – improved graphics in Elden Ring

Despite the fact that Elden Ring came out a couple of months ago, there are already modifications on the network designed to improve the quality of graphics. This mod recycles the picture using Reshade filters and completely changes the lighting system.

Grand Merchant – seller with all goods

In the world of Elden Ring, there are over a dozen different merchants that are located in different parts of the game world. We talked about them in more detail in a separate guide. The problem is that each of them can be purchased a certain type of goods. If such a system seems inconvenient to you, use this modification. After its installation, the range of goods from sellers will expand significantly.

Fix the Camera – improved camera

The inconvenient camera is one of the main problems in FromSoftware games. This mod allows you to get rid of the automatic centering of the screen. In addition, the modification disables the reset of the camera when trying to capture a target if it is not nearby. As a result, it will be much more convenient to play.

Easy Mode for Elden Ring – Easy Difficulty

This modification is useful for those who find Elden Ring too complicated. With it, you can increase attack power, reduce incoming damage and increase the number of first-aid kits.

Prepare to Die (Hard Mode) – Hard Difficulty

This mod is for those who want to challenge themselves. After installing it, mobs and bosses will be much stronger, artificial intelligence will become unpredictable, and the number of places of grace will be reduced several times.

Pause the game – pause in Elden Ring

The pause was absent in all FromSoftware projects, with the exception of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. With this mod, you can stop the game at any time. There is another way to pause the game. We talked about this in a separate guide .

If the easy difficulty level is not enough for you or you want to experiment with the game’s features, then we suggest you use cheats. With their help, you can turn on immortality mode, fly through walls, kill mobs with one blow, and much more.

The order of activation of the cheat mode:

Navigate to the Elden Ring root directory (..SteamAppscommonELDEN RINGGame).
Create a text file in this folder called steam_appid.txt.
Open it and enter the text “1245620” (without quotes). Save your changes.
Run the eldenring.exe file through this directory, not through Steam.
How to work with cheats:

Download Cheat Engine from the official site .
Download Elden Ring Cheat Table .
Start the game.
Open Cheat Engine and connect to the eldenring.exe process.
Download the cheat table.
Enter cheats.

Disable rune loss on death – you do not lose runes after death

The loss of unallocated experience points upon death has been a hallmark of all FromSoftware games since Demon’s Souls. Thanks to this mod, the collected runes will remain with the main character forever.

Auto recover HP and FP – automatic health recovery

There is a talisman in Elden Ring that gradually restores health. However, it is ineffective and takes up a separate slot. With this mod, health and magicka will be replenished automatically. Recovery speed is configurable.

ERR – Elden Ring Reforged – New Balance

This modification changes dozens of parameters – from the health bar of mobs to attack animations. As planned by the author, the mod makes Elden Ring more balanced. In addition, new mechanics will appear in the game. For example, the ability to resurrect the boss and fight him again.

For this modification to work, you need to move and replace the files in the root directory with the game.


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