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Mandragora Review



Mandragora Review



Game DescriptionMandragora
Mandragora is an action RPG that takes users into a world filled with darkness. He is in distress. Humanity has already begun to give up, being under serious attack from monsters. It is enough to choose a hero suitable for yourself, start fighting evil creatures, using the city walls as a shelter or an opportunity to attack.


Do not forget about the need to light a witch’s lantern, enter the dark reality of the local world in order to attack it from the inside. Another world where the main action takes place, there are a bunch of different roads. The player is free to choose the one that he likes the most. The main actions will be shown from the side, from where it will be convenient to control your own character. He will go on a long adventure, along the way of which he will have to fight with a huge number of extraordinary characters.

They will have unique abilities to which they will have to adapt and develop their own strategy. Otherwise, you won’t be able to win! Another game will sometimes push the main character with bosses that have great power and are ready to destroy their opponent in just a few seconds. Therefore, you still have to learn how to survive in this gloomy world!

Game information:


Platforms: PC
Release Date: TBA
Genre: Action / RPG / Indie
Developer: Primal Game Studio
Publisher/Distributor: Marvelous Entertainment
Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Localization: Text Only


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